What is Grafotherm?

Grafotherm is a spray-applied coating, used to help eliminate condensation and the associated issues and damage caused by it.

The treatment is designed to be sprayed on the underside of any single-skin steel or aluminium roof system. With its stippled finish and incorporated fungicide, it is extremely efficient at preventing condensation and any potential of mould.

Due to its inherent properties, Grafotherm is also effective at improving room acoustics, by reducing sound reverberation, decreasing the effect of solar gain, and also increasing levels of light reflection within a space.

We now include Grafotherm as standard in all our container conversions (unless agreed otherwise), and we are also able to offer the treatment as a stand-alone service. Please get in touch for a no-obligation quote!

How It Works

John preparing to spray a container with Grafotherm

John applying the Grafotherm

Completed application of Grafotherm, before installation of any studwork, insulation and finished wall linings.

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