Creating bespoke and versatile
spaces for living and working

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Container Refurbishments

We can spruce up old and tired shipping containers, giving them a fresh look and making them a little easier on the eye!

Container Upgrades

We can upgrade an existing container room you may have, making it a better place to spend your time.


Full conversions

Our passion is the conversion of standard 20ft shipping containers into beautiful spaces in which to live and work


A small and dedicated company, specialising in the upgrade, modification or full conversion of new and used shipping containers into pre-fabricated ‘plug and play’ marketing suites, retail space or additional space at home or in the garden for home office, gym, music room, games room, playroom, bar, man-cave, etc, etc…

Between us, Tom, Chris and John have vast experience in the construction industry, including senior site and design management for large principal contractors, time-served skills in metalwork, joinery, surface application and decoration…

Now, in the next phase of our journey through life and careers, we are bringing all these attributes together with our keen eyes for detail, and following our passion in creating useful, convenient and high-spec spaces to suit all needs.

Integrity, Honesty & Trust

With CWC Containers, you can rest assured that we deliver a reliable and personal level of service from start to finish.

Commitment to our customers

We at CWC containers are dedicated to providing excellent workmanship and 100 % customer satisfaction.

Great teamwork

We pride ourselves for our great teamwork (within our own team, and with the customer)


CWC Containers takes pride in ensuring 100% customer satisfaction by providing a professional, reliable service and quality of our final product. All projects come with a comprehensive Operation & Maintenance Manual, containing details of all the products and equipment used, as well as ‘as-built’ drawings.

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