Fully insulated garden room that looks great and comes flat packed with easy assembly instructions.


Our buildings are available in a range of sizes that will accommodate all needs. They are available to purchase as structure only plus all fixings or alternatively can be bought complete with external finishing (cladding, windows & doors and roofing). Depending on the size of the building and the size of your team the average building should take approx 3-5 days to erect and weatherproof allowing you to move onto the next job quickly. .

All our flat pack kit buildings come with the following:

Deluxe Specifications

Fully insulated half sip panels for the building structure

Insulated splines to join panels

C24 treated timber for structural edges and joiners

Breathable membrane

Pre fabricated exterior Cladding panels

Epdm roof kit and trims

Double glazed upvc grey on white windows and doors

Fixing kit and full instructions and timber cutting list

4.4 x 3.2 £11,565
5.0 x 3.2 £12,417
6.2 x 3.2 £14,085
4.4 x 3.8 £12,597
5.0 x 3.8 £13,767
6.2 x 3.8 £15,657


Due to popular demand we have launched all of our building designs in

3 supply options:


In addition to SIP Panels, splines, membrane, and fixing pack our exterior full kit provides you with everything required to make your structural shell fully watertight and includes the following:

External cladding Roofing Materials Windows & Doors

Factory-Built Shell – No Interior

Factory assembled bare shell on a chassis. Externally complete with windows, doors, roofing, and exterior cladding. Allowing you to complete the interior exactly how you wish



Low Maintenance

High quality durable materials
that need little upkeep.

Versatile Uses

Our shell buildings can be used for
any purpose – glamping pods, lodges,
garden rooms, offices, studios and
treatment rooms and so much more.

Extend Your Season

Work, live or play all year round

Made In Britain

Manufactured in Sunny Lancashire
and supporting a British Supply

Thermal Performance

Keeping your guests warm with
Thermal Class 2+3 down to -18.

Design Innovation

Next generation buildings built offsite
delivered complete – saving £’s.


All of our buildings are built from SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) which we manufacture in our own factory.

SIPs are one of the most environmentally responsible building systems available. Our buildings provide continuous insulation, are extremely airtight, allows for better control over indoor air quality, reduces construction waste, and help to save natural resources. Life cycle analysis has shown that SIPs buildings have a tremendous positive environmental impact by reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions throughout the life cycle of the building.

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